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Google Groups: 101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot

Mutiny: Only got to 5 before I found an error


A_Young: ".. a company now owned by ChoicePoint of Atlanta, was paid $4.3 million for its work, replacing a firm that charged $5,700 per year for the same service. If the hope was that DBT would enable Florida to exclude more voters, then the state appears to have spent its money wisely."
A_Young: "[The excluded individuals were] ... selected because their name, gender, birthdate and race matched - or nearly matched - one of the tens of millions of ex-felons in the United States. Neither DBT nor the state conducted any further research to verify the matches."
A_Young: "DBT, which frequently is hired by the F.B.I. to conduct manhunts, originally proposed using address histories and financial records to confirm the names, but the state declined the cross-checks. In Harris's elections office files, next to DBT's sophisticated verification plan, there is a hand-written note: 'DON'T NEED.'"
A_Young: (Secretary of State Katherine Harris .. simultaneously in charge of both Florida's voter rolls and George Bush's presidential campaign according to previous URL)
A_Young: "Harper's found 325 names on the list with conviction dates in the future"
A_Young: etc et-fucken-cetera
A_Young: "The one county that checked each of the 694 names on its local list could verify only 34 as actual felony convicts."
A_Young: "Madison County's elections supervisor Linda Howell refused the purge list after she found her own name on it. "
A_Young: Are you getting this?
A_Young: (Florida is the State of which W. Bush's brother Jeb is/was governer)
A_Young: "Of the 'matches' on these lists, the civil-rights commission estimated that at least 14 percent - or 8,000 voters, nearly 15 times Bush's official margin of victory - were false."

A blacklist burning for Bush

A_Young: shit man .. just .. shit
A_Young: "I was curious about this company that appears - although never say never in this game - to have chosen the next President for America's voters... 'Given a new President, and what we accomplished in Florida, we expect to roll across the nation,' ChoicePoint told me ominously."
A_Young: "'You say we got over 15 per cent wrong - we like to look at that as up to 85 per cent right!'"
A_Young: etc
seti: Welcome to the USSA

Yggdrasil Computing Inc.

A_Young: Yggdrasil still going strong despite distrowatch's ignorance

Richard Stallman's Personal Page

A_Young: some more betterer definitions of Patiotism courtesy mr rms

This has been in moderation all day. is infoanarchy dead?


Amazon Blushes Over Sex Link Snafu.

More Scotch Eggs.

Scotch Eggs.

devzero: Scotch Eggs - worst food for you. evar.

"Village Voice" C&Ds "Cape Cod Voice" on "Voice" Trademark.

really fancy headphones

druework: ever wonder what a $12,000 pair of headphones looks like?

Apple's "BluePod"

wmf: mmm, promiscuous exchanges with strangers

Manifestation of Assent

wmf: make your time

Gonads and strife

GabeW: If you like the terrible secret of space
GabeW: or if you are just wierd
GabeW: Not work-safe

University of Chicago's 2002 scavenger hunt list

JonathonRobinson.com | The Terrible Secret of Space

GabeW: Requires flash 5

IFILM - The Terrible Secret of Space


Why does it say "out of sync" on her forehead?


XRI OASIS TC - infoanarchista is Co-chair

GabeW: To wit, me.

Cadaeic Cadenza: The Story

rik: The first 3885 digits, encoded in the same manner.

Pi calculated to 1.2411 trillion digits

GabeW: Wow, is that useless consumption of computing cycles or what
nym: like now someone else can break the current record, and someone else can write another pi article
burtonator: In other news, burtonator computes Pi to 1.2412 trillion digits

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

A_Young: microsoft provide a portscanner to users of win2k and XP

Puppies make good companions but bad Christmas gifts

jillzilla: Although they are cute as the Dickens!
Ash: dead puppies... aren't much fun
nym: but they do make good paperweights
jillzilla: Until the maggots move in
Ash: They don't come, when you call...
Ash: http://www.letssingit.com/dr-demento-dead-puppies-w4df94q.html

Debian Users Worldmap

NiteMax - Digital

nnyymm: $600 handheld night vision camera

Advances in distributed peer networking technology - survey says: hackers win!

A_Young: <coderman> hmm, i think i just got slashdotted

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