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Personal Password Manager

seti: By Mandylion Labs, URL from Ry4an, who loves the device
Ry4an: indeed, loves.


Mutiny: what appears on the surface to be a novel type of predictive text input infact turns out to be a surreal experience much akin to chasing a thought down a hallway.

Woman jump starts car with cyber-infant

deltab: Kevin Warwick would be proud

Rob Playford - Producing Goldie

California financial privacy bill is back

Americans working for Al-Qaida could be targets, U.S. officials say

kherr: Dubya has signed an order allowing the CIA to kill any American anywhere if they want to.

Burris T. Ewell's Live Shows


CIA can kill American al-Qaida operatives

aminorex: The authority to kill U.S. citizens is granted under a secret finding signed by the president
Ash: mmm, senseless violence.. drool


rik: COMS trouble 101.

International Scout

Angus_Young: waHEY! what a car!

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