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Routine, boring sex with the same parter for decades good for your health!

coderman: Hot wild sex with other partners can kill you...
coderman: (Assuming she doesnt kill you first)
jillzilla: Especially if they are lots younger!
coderman: or he
coderman: or "it"
jillzilla: [...] measurements on blood pressure and heart rates found sex is generally comparable to a brisk 20-minute walk, with an orgasm putting a strain on the heart similar to an ensuing walk up a flight of stairs.
jillzilla: How do I get to be a subject in these studies?


Argument that a particular use of "nigger" is inoffensive.

jillzilla: Really interesting argument, actually.

Mooning is OK, court told

jillzilla: Hurrah for Australian jurisprudence!
jillzilla: Making plans to emigrate now!
A_Young: "I got a fairly clear view through the front window," Constable Timothy Nelson said.

My comment to the FCC on the Broadcast Flag proposed rulemaking

GabeW: See http://www.cdt.org/action/copyright/
GabeW: Comments due friday I believe (Dec 6th)
GabeW: Put up or shut up!


A_Young: Net privacy resources including links to many tests .. find out what Poindexter can find out about YOU!
A_Young: (Find out how to limit it too)

neat retro-style TV's

A_Young: John M. and Linda Poindexter live at 10 Barrington Fare, Rockville, MD, 20850

Total Information Awareness Demo - courtesy of the Homeland Security Dept.

coderman: In related news, police arrested a suspected terrorist hacker Aaron Swartz ...
A_Young: "Spurred by an article in the SF Weekly, John Gilmore calls for us to demonstrate how the government's proposed 'Total Information Awareness' program might work by collecting information on the project's leader, convicted felon John Poindexter."
coderman: He forgot to add "convicted war criminal"
coderman: for his buddy kissinger
A_Young: "John M. and Linda Poindexter live at 10 Barrington Fare, Rockville, MD, 20850 and their phone number is +1 301 424 6613. When I called, it was busy."
silentfury_: PGP 8 is out!


A_Young: what's wrong with linux?


Pentagon, after being hit with an airplane, before the fires were even out.

Loki: Notice that mere feet from the actual point of impact, windows (glass?) are unbroken.


Cthulhu Myth Hoes

A Humid Recital Stirs Bangkok

nym: Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha
nym: Now that's a piano performance I would have liked to have seen

Supreme Court agrees to hear case regarding legality of homosexual behaviour laws

nym: yay
nym: intollerant people suck
jillzilla: 'Delmore said the Texas law does not just target gays and lesbians. He said it also could be used for bisexuals and heterosexuals "who are tempted to engage in homosexual conduct."
jillzilla: Tempt me! Tempt me!

Why do books cost so much?

Look: interesting look at the cost of books

Coderman's grandfather.

When Other Magazines Use Maxim's Tried and True Formula!

jungle production

USB-controlled light thingy

wmf: look how useless this is! I must have it!

Real-Time Collaborative (Distributed) Mapmaking

nym: Relayed from /.

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