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McDonald's Departs Bolivia.

Loki: When does Mcdonald's depart USA?
Loki: ``McDonald's threw us out like a third world country in search of greener pastures,'' said Angelica Carrasco

The Website of Anti-Porn Guy


Loki: Leet domain names for email forwarding.
Loki: LikeIGiveAFuck.com

"Joe Millionaire" on fox

ChanukahAsh: A "reality" tv marriage series thing where the "millionaire" is not


A_Young: (WTF a chanuka is)
A_Young: The Talmud tells us that beginning with the 25th of Kislev, eight days of chanuka are observed, during which no eulogies are delivered, nor is fasting permitted.

Tokyo Serial Arsonist Says He Just Wanted Things Clean


A_Young: 'nother format-neutral document management system - uses DocBook format


Loki: Coolest soy sauce advert EVAR.

Power and Weakness, article by Robert Kagan

seti: An exploration of the differing world views of Americans and Europeans



Loki: Conglomerate is a project to create a complete structured information authoring, management, archival, revision control and transformation system. Conglomerate uses XML semantics and powerful graphical editing, coupled with a centralised storage model and
Loki: a flexible transformation language to create an environment which is easy to use, produces high-quality structured output, and lets the user target several output media with a single source document.
A_Young: check out the developer mailing list for latest signs of life
A_Young: well .. conglomerate looks like they're gonna get somewhere (just compiled it), but for now just for developers to play with


Freedom of Expression®, Trademarked to Kembrew McLeod.

:-( ®!

Loki: ':-(' is trademarked. Don't use it.

British TV Ad Banned for Poking Fun at Bush

tescoil: "The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Center said the ad, which depicts a cartoon Bush inserting a DVD into a toaster, could only be shown if the makers sought the president's permission first."

US using parallel legal system for terrorist suspects

kherr: No legal protection and secret searches for US citizens as well as non-citizens.
kherr: Isn't it time to try Dubya for treason?
Loki: Champion says Yes!
burtonator: "US officials have told the courts that they can detain and interrogate him until the executive branch declares an end to the war against terrorism"

North Korea Embraces the Euro.


rik: paella recipe
Loki: Serving Size : 6 Preparation Time :0:00
Loki: Now that's my kind of food.

KisMac - Passive OSX Scanner

burtonator: wow... that is a cool GUI
burtonator: signal strength UI looks cool

Fuck over Bush with Free Software

burtonator: Human Rights

Bell System Officially Recommended Exchange Names, 1955.

tescoil: Mystify acquaintances with the antique rendition of your phone number.
tescoil: e.g., The Free Software Foundation may be reached at LIberty 2-5942.

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