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A_Young: Example 'new.net' so-called TLD
A_Young: actually a subdomain ... newnet expect windows users to install a browser plugin which will 'translate' the 'URL' http://www.insureme.agent/ into the one above
A_Young: .. and are they expecting M$ to bundle their plugin? or what? who is this gullible? I've got this bridge i wanna sell


A_Young: Open Root Server Federation - sack ICANN


rik: .agent, .arts, .auction, .chat, .church...
rik: works by adding a domain to search. urgh.

No government, no TLD


A_Young: list of international TLD registrars


A_Young: InterNIC acredited registrar list


A_Young: ICANN acredited registrar list

2 Kings 22 :: New Living Translation (NLT)






Association for Renaissance Martial Arts - Swords & Swordsmanship

kherr: Classic swordplay training without the SCA roleplaying nonsense.

IKAKA - Furnishings for the frugal landlord

Prostitutes' Education Network

COYOTE Los Angeles


Japanese Made Funny by 'Gaijin' Gaffes

tescoil: "Don't go in, girls! The water's full of fried chicken!"

Is Pornography Driving Technology

kherr: RealAudio from NPR

Why VLANs and trunking aren't secure.

Loki: Two years old; see response from a Cisco weenie at http://www.qorbit.net/documents/catalyst-secure-template.htm
seti: their terminology seems incorrect, packets in VLAN1 aren't tagged when using 802.1Q on Cisco Catalyst 2924XL switches.
seti: that switch is misconfigured, you can't mix `switchport multi' and `switchport mode trunk'; also, they omit vital information from the VLAN database, which is stored separately on this type of switches.

9 Beet Stretch

German Intelligence Service to Sell Underwear

tescoil: "It's all part of our plans to inform the public more about who we are and what we do," says BND spokesperson.

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving!

burtonator: Is that too harsh?
burtonator: I hate Thanksgiving!
seti: "a totally rocket scientist." [sic]

clavinet sounds

Kissinger (War Criminal) to lead 911 Probe

burtonator: Why hasn't anyone objected to this?!

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