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Alpine devel-00066 test - win a xircom 802.11b AP

coderman: ... and help make Mutiny happy with a scalable decentralized network for distribution of his terabyte of music.

Regulations for registering Domain Names in the Arab World

Girls' Deaths Spur Anger Against US in South Korea

tescoil: Aftermath of US military self-acquittal in case of two 14-year old S. Korean schoolgirls crushed by 45-ton armored vehicle.

A new kind of tech support call.

A_Young: nightmare hardware problem

Genuity, defunct, bought by L3.

Got paper?

Loki: My mind truly boggles at this level of incompetence.
Loki: See also http://www.nwfusion.com/news/2002/1125bethisrael.html

The Nazi Mind-Set in America, Part 1


A_Young: Country-specific TLDs and where you can register them


A_Young: special/international TLDs (Top Level Domains, dummy!)

Hackers Fight Censorship, Human Rights Violations

A_Young: "Under the HESSLA, users free to change applications covered by the license and redistribute them, but the agreement also gives them the right to sue if they find someone using the application for malicious purposes. There is also a provision that dictates if any government uses the software as part of a scheme that violates human rights, the government thereby waives its right to sovereign immunity from prosecution in foreign courts."

NYC Cop Suspended for Failing to Arrest Homeless Man

A_Young: "Police officials have admitted their arrests of homeless people have jumped sharply in recent months but insist that is only because officers are having more contact with them." .. like, physical contact? like you know, putting in the boot? is that what he means?
tescoil: Homeless persons not encountering police do not account for the increase in arrests, say officials.

Attempted Rape Conviction Could Set Legal Precedent

tescoil: Kansas man found guilty of attempted rape of non-existent girl.
tescoil: Walking along and thinking "it would be nice to rob that bank" remains legal, says retired judge.
A_Young: conviction is under appeal

Tips for Troops Returning Home

tescoil: Tip #3: Relearn how to drive a car and use a TV Guide.


Loki: Just in case anyone's forgotten.

When Self-Censorship is Worse than Censorship by the Government.

tescoil: WHO and AMA Call on MPAA to control films depicting smoking.
deltab: STFU

Judge Backs Student on 'Satan' Web Posting

Loki: Wow, a judge who read the first amendment. Can we get this guy on the supreme court please?

Record the Lens That Records You: World Sousveillance Day Dec 24th

nym: Please check this out, and carry your digital cameras on Dec 24th shooting back at any surveillance cameras
nym: Surveillance means "to view from above." Sousveillance means "to view from below."

The most offensive weblog I could find.

how to make a hand turkey on thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

Woody's World of Penis Euphemisms!

burtonator: 100% all beef thermometer
druehou: Tool of the Patriarchy
nym: lemme get you aquainted with my lava lamp of looove

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