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A_Young: Free anonymous POP3 email
A_Young: don't make the password too long


A_Young: which fileshare networks are being supported by mldonkey, a FSF P2P app
A_Young: that info is a bit old


A_Young: hehe same item as before, but this says 'hello world' ;)


A_Young: an entire mailing list listing kernel security problems


A_Young: what it says


A_Young: Wiki history at home of the first wiki
A_Young: you may be surprised to know the Wiki dates back to 1995

Constructed languages -- artifical spoken languages, nonprogramming.

Loki: I suspect programming language builders could benefit from some of the ideas herein.


Loki: According to this, I'm 20% Republican.


The Girls of Deltab's World

nym: wow, i never realised jillzilla was so hot!


Cafe Annie in Houston

druehou: great southwestern food...

Gen-X makes more money, is less happy.

Bush is not a moron.


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