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druehou: Laws are generally theorems which can be formall proven true under the stated conditions.


Benford's Law

druehou: Benford's Law

Spherical Pythagorean Theorem


A_Young: "fucken classic" in the immortal words of Jimmy Barnes
A_Young: new uses for that useless cup-holder under your desk

Lecturer of the lecture rik just went to.


A_Young: Wiki Squatting


Fraud investigators at the Los Almos labs got fired for finding too many missing computers and equipment!

coderman: Hint to next investigators: DONT ROCK THE BOAT OR UNCLE SAM BITES YOUR ASS
coderman: "One of the employees had apparently tried to buy a $30,000 Ford Mustang with lab funds."
coderman: Damn, I am working for the wrong employer.

Stocks soar as various economic indicators point towards recovery - lower jobless claims, increased consumer spending, increasing manufacturing orders, increased durable goods purchasing.

Ash-w_: Yeah right, that's just The Man getting your hopes up
coderman: Most people call it the "dead cat bounce" . You drop anything that fast from that high and it will bounce.
coderman: Including stocks.. ;-)

Rather than invade Iraq -- let Iran do it.

Loki: Granted, the modest proposal that Iran liberate Iraq is insane. Its only merit is that it is far more reasonable than the plans now being implemented or it would be, if the administration's professed goals had any relation to the real ones.


Sane, healthy woman practices euthenasia.

Loki: Seeking swm, 80+, also into killing self.

A Java example of the MVC pattern I didn't want to chump

Microsoft targets defectors with discounts

kherr: Microsoft is running scared of linux

leetcore animation of teh intarweb AS core

Loki: DANGER DANGER 165M animated gif

Risk of intarweb collapse grows.

Loki: See www.caida.org for more scholarly study.


Adherents.com: By Location [Iraq and Ireland]


Lessig's Affero donor page


Loki: Don't you wish you had had some enlightening childhood experiences like this?

info on collecting a burtonator


DragonFax: Tetris implimented completely in bourne shell and awk.
coderman: This scares me
coderman: Next we will have ContraWars in XSLT and CSS

If Tivo Thinks Your Gay, Heres How To Set It Straight

SWAT Gang busts into innocent guys house. Beats him and roomate up. Opps, our bad, wrong house.

coderman: After all this rukus, they walk down two doors and arrest the suspects without any resistance.
burtonator: They weren't innocent - they were not guilty... they would have done SOMETHING eventually!

A Nigerian Muslim state said Tuesday it had issued a "fatwa" urging Muslims to kill the author of a newspaper story on the Miss World pageant that sparked deadly riots in northern Nigeria.

coderman: Die beyatch!! I should have a coderman's fatwa top 10
burtonator: How can they call themselves a religious state when they want to execute someone!

Semen makes women happy

burtonator: Contact: Claire Bowles
burtonator: 44-207-331-2751
burtonator: why would a girl put her name on that paper
burtonator: "An official at the Ministry of Islamic affairs in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, said the fatwa should not have been passed if the author had apologized."
burtonator: but if you don't appologize we will kill you! One heck of a religion people!
burtonator: I should find that girl and give her some semen so she isn't as depressed about the fatwa!

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