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news reporters love p2p ;)


Has software development improved?

coderman: NOT!
coderman: ahahaha, fuckers. only h4x0rs can c0d3!



Naval Academy Seizes Computers from Nearly 100 Midshipmen

tescoil: "punishment for illegally possessing copyrighted material ranges from a court-martial to loss of leave and other restrictions."

PowerDNS to take over serving .org tld


Pavlovich v. DVD Copy Control Association, Santa Clara Superior Court Opinion (.pdf file)

tescoil: Pavlovich wins in a tight score of 4:3. Faces possible rematch in Indiana or Texas.

Contract On^WWith America


The "Save Joey's Christmas" Sale


Breach of Security

AccordionGuy: How a con man got suckered the same house twice
AccordionGuy: Starring AccordionGuy and his two housemates


Gulf Wars Episode II poster (alternate URL)

Gulf Wars! part II

Rash of Car Burglaries in San Bruno.

dtm: there was a rash of car burglaries in my San Ramon neighborhood, including my mom's car :\
dtm: they caught em though. some of them were living in our own apartment complex!

The Darknet and the Future of Content Control (.doc file)

My Blog... The Center of the Universe

Congress Adjourns, Digital Copyright Fight Remains.

burtonator: If Sherman Networks can't be sued I am moving to Vanuatu
burtonator: Yum... Jurisdictional Arbitrage

a little ditty, originally by cwj

dtm: telephon tech support version of AYBABTU
dtm: and believe me, cwj knows how it flowz


Jeffk's guide to warcart3


Frequent Sex Reduces Pregnancy Complications.


Man burns penis with laptop

jillium: Through trousers and underpants
rik: Also at http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_714191.html?menu=news.quirkies

Bruce Perens to Open Source crowd: Bum Rush the IETF!!!

GabeW: I was thinking more about "speaking up" rather than the "flooding"..

roxanes raw restaurant

druehou: "roxxxxxane... you don't have to turn on the pilot light..."
druehou: "roxxxxxane... you don't have to cool your food before you bite...

U.S. Broadband Providers Look to Introduce Download Caps.

seti: not uncommon in Europe either; in the Netherlands the buzzword is `fair use' (i.e. arbitrarily set by the ISP)



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