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OpenSSH Keychain

Jesus Drives a Hybrid

tescoil: Evangelical Christian group plans "What Would Jesus Drive?" TV ad campaign.
Loki: Jesus would walk.
Loki: Let's be honest here, the dude was a major commie. He'd walk and/or take public transit.

Dearborn teens create antigravity machine


Loki: Samba vuln - upgrade to 2.2.7 asaf. Theoretical only, no sploit yet.

Second Lord of the Rings trailer.

Loki: Are open source/free software people still out of luck? Says it requires quicktime.

Girls at elite school go on rampage.

Loki: Girls just wanna have fun.

Possible strange quark matter strikes Earth

Free Pepper

Look: can they pull a blender?
Look: probably not without Slashdot's help. Where is the Mac news coverage of this?


Laptop burns scientists penis

coderman: Ouch.
wmf: wear pants, moron


wmf: woo, Ethernet for toasters and light switches

Man mistakenly opens up child porn at work during powerpoint presentation

GabeW: Creep

Sodomy law upheld in Louisiana

Senator Urges Probe Into Proposal to Catch Terrorists

sayke: a senator is sketched about the IAO!


gnu emacs is doomed.

burtonator: in other news.. UNIX is doomed
Loki: Windows will rule supreme.
choric: I disagree. http://void.printf.net/~chris/xemacs.png.

Emacs Needs Floating Windows (Advanced Tooltips for IntelliSense Support)

DragonFax: I could have never guessed that title.

Analysis: NATO's new tool -- for what?

sayke: "Iraq can be seen as the first battle of the fourth world war," said former CIA Director Jim Woolsey

Royal Canadian Air Farce - On-Line Video

Saddam prefers to be greeted with a kiss in the armpit

GabeW: Saddam loves to eat fish, especially ones he caught himself. Fishing with grenades seems to do the trick. Later, when it's safe, a couple of buddies in scuba gear will retrieve the catch.
Loki: Once again, referring to him as "Saddam" just blows all your credibility.
Ash: Grenade fishing- it can happen to you... Next! on Sick Sad World

NATO's summit wrap-up

Loki: Bet you forgot the .int tld existed, didn't you?

House Approves Emergency Technology Protection Proposal

sayke: Congress approved the proposed National Emergency Technology Guard, known as NET Guard, this week in the massive bill creating the Department of Homeland Security.
Loki: Good, good. Someone wil finally be paying attention to security on the intarweb.
Loki: Hopefully this will result in UUnet turning off their smurf amps, and Microsoft closing some of their more glaring holes.

Brewster Kahle on P2P MP3 Archives

Smoke Different

Wow, this is really weird.

coderman: Strange quark matter hits the earth!

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