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<lemonodor> you work hard on giving your robot autonomy. then you discover there's nothing more fun than just driving it with a joystick. | <lemonodor> that sounds kind of dirty as a topic.

Chretien has to say in public that Bush is not a moron.

jillium: With a straight face.
jillium: Who said politics was an easy job?
jillium: "Does one good friend treat another by calling its leader a moron?'' said Kenney, who belongs to the opposition Canadian Alliance.
jillium: 'According to Canadian media reports, White House officials privately refer to the 68-year-old Chretien as ''Dino,'' short for dinosaur.'


athf fix


A_Young: domain dispute resolution


A_Young: free spam-evasion email forwarding
A_Young: generate and rescind email addresses at will


A_Young: domain name related resources
A_Young: lists many domain registration services et al
A_Young: should be 0dns.org !!!


A_Young: search engine for unused URLs
A_Young: looks like you haveta use match any to get any real results


Loki: A listing of the most commonly used port numbers. Handy, and more up-to-date than the IANA one (though less comprehensive).


Loki: Amazing. I didn't know there were still Zoroastrians. And 4 million Jains? Wonder how many of them are still sky-clad?


Proper use of a domain name for trademark protection

dtm: for the entrepreneurs and project managers around here, which includes just about everybody


Fall Comdex 2002: 'E-postmark' gives stamp of approval

Agency reduces power on 72-mile WLAN link

wmf: "what do you mean it's illegal? I bought all this equipment off the shelf..."


tescoil: US Copyright Office accepting comments re: "whether there are particular classes of works as to which users are, or are likely to be, adversely affected in their ability to make noninfringing uses due to the prohibition on circumvention of measures that protect access."

Dot-com noir

Directions to infoanarchy get-together.

jillzilla: Sunday, 24 November, 2pm-4pm
jillzilla: Be there or have corners!
jillzilla: And you have to act all normal and stuff when GabeW's wife and kids are around.
jillzilla: Oh, at the Denny's.
jillzilla: yahoo map:
jillzilla: yahoo map: http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?BFCat=&Pyt=Tmap&newFL=Use+Address+Below&addr=3+serramonte+center&csz=94015&Country=us&Get%A0Map=Get+Map
deltab: Yahoo map

RSS Module: Img

nym: Authored by me, Tom Longson


seti: $self->url->Remove();

Dognose Heaven

tescoil: "At dognoses.com, you get only the best in dog nose photography... But that's not all! With your paid membership to dognoses.com, you also get 24 hour a day, 7 days a week access to our live webcams!"

Man's affair with goat a tragedy, court told

Get yer new-ish ATHF episodes here (plus the pilot)

MicroSoft to reduce the number of Security Buletins it sends out

rik: ...by not sending anything below a 'critical' status advisory out.
rik: "Holes that allow, for example, files to be stolen or deleted, would now be ranked as "important".", and not be sent to users

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