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<wmf> I think all anarchists must be opposed to these "state machines", whatever they are. I KISS YOU! || < GabeW> ratm is music IN ALL UPPER CASE!

Protesting the Victoria's Secret show as "soft core porn"

GabeW: I'd hate to see what they think of real porn
GabeW: "What purpose does the special serve except to overly sexualize women and use this to bolster the networks' demographics for young men?" they asked in a joint letter to CBS President Leslie Moonves.
GabeW: Answer: None - whats your point?
Loki_: And maybe to sell underwear.

American young adults can't find Iraq on a map

GabeW: 18-24 - those most likely to actually go over and fight
seti: they'd get flown in anyway (and provided GPS units)

What Would Jesus Drive?

GabeW: Not a joke
GabeW: An anti-SUV campaign by a relgious-environmental coaltion

Cool! A date rape drug tester coaster that is handed out freely at bars and such.

coderman: Simply place a drop of your drink on the coaster. if it turns blue, kill the fucker who bought it for you and then dump it.


A_Young: Are you a Computer Angel?

Sponsorship gets taken to a new level by police

A_Young: "We've come a long way to be perceived as professional, and this would set us way back." hahaha
A_Young: I'd buy that for a dollar!!
A_Young: So far, 20 mostly smaller municipalities around the country have signed contracts
A_Young: is an advertising dependent police force worse,.or better, than a privatised one?
A_Young: "We'll be able to attach our name to local authorities, which gives us near-instant credibility"

Fire at University of Twente, NL

seti: this is where HAL2001 was held, the room on fire is where our Juniper was too
seti: SURFnet are working overtime to get a new POP operational there; until then everything is without Internet connectivity
seti: More pics: http://www.bsdfreaks.nl/files/brand.htm
seti: fire started in room A108 of the TW-RC building, which is a small lecture room
seti: SNT building and consequently DND (Data Net Drienerlo, room D115) also destroyed. :(

Artificial digestive system created

International Oil Pollution Compensation funds

Loki: Self-insurance for the oil industry.

Portrait of you with Stevie Nicks.

Loki: Okay so it's just a little weird.
Loki: Spoof: Portrait of you with Marilyn Manson. http://www.avphibes.com/LJ/marilex.gif

Brains of gang missing from lab

One in Four Men Fakes Orgasms




kherr: Wade through the endless linux distro choices
kherr: You can even choose your linux distro by which logo you like best.

San Francisco Board of Supes considering segway-enabling legislation

GabeW: I wouldn't ride one on certain parts of california street
GabeW: I always thought the speed at which segways were approved for use on sidewalks was ridiculous

Caltrain weekend trains News

seti: Weekend Trains to be Replaced by Buses

Interactive Caltrain Schedule


Caltrain Schedules


rik: A Lightning ball.. IN JA PC CASE!

BART map


Loki: I wish all vendors would tell me what they have like this.
Loki: Instead of saying "It's a Dell!" Yeah that's very helpful, now WHAT THE HELL IS IT?

Presenting Data and Information

druework: one day course by Edwart Tufte


Loki: Probably not exactly work safe, unless you play an accordion.
Ash: oh geez like you don't get that from the url

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