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Police raid 150 houses on charges of thought crime.

Loki: Sure nobody likes racism or homophobia, but are they actually illegal? Oh shit I just had a bad thought! THEY'RE COMING!
coderman: Yeah! That will teach you to recite rap lyrics about cappin' niggaz!

Graphically view google results

GabeW: See how incestuous bloggers really are...


seti: <Ash> ha ha what a bunch of losers


Loki: Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book
Loki: and every event you attend -- all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as "a virtual, centralized grand database."

Tempest for Eliza

A_Young: mad genius at it's best
A_Young: generate AM radio signals using your monitor .. yes you read right folks MONITOR as the transmitting source



Where Nym Works (BANG BANG BANG)



blanu: The best SSHv2 client library for Java.

RFID Security Is Problematic (At Least For Badges)

quote: You see, RFID tags make 802.11 look like Alcatraz.

HR GIGER Furniture

oh why did i paste this?

Jase - Automatic UML sequence generation from Java

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Aharonian (of bustpatents.com fame) argues that P2P'ers are "lying through their teeth big time"

GabeW: Argues that the argument "P2P allows new, unknown and obscure musicians to have music better distributed" is bullshit
GabeW: Argues that if the RIAA put up a bunch of servers for indie artists, that would emasculate the P2Pers argument in this direction and aid the RIAA cause

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