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<burtonator> ok guys... less info... more anarchy! || The unlikely and bizarre superpowers of jillium, lllllll, dtm, and est, twisted and cavorted in unison last night!! || Get your Sizzler Cheese Bread here!!! || Adelaide Lavoie Mathews was born at 11:45PM on Nov. 14, 2002- 8lbs 8oz and 20 1/4" long. Mom and baby are both doing great! Photos are available at http://veronica.editthispage.com/

DJ Bernstein worship

uberfunk: ""


A_Young: one listing of free shell accounts available on the web


Angus_Young: web hosting by donation - apparently in Oz
Angus_Young: BYO domain


A_Young: US$5 for 200MB with mysql, php and cgi


A_Young: cheap web hosting for up to 200MB storage .. hundreds of email addresses, sql, other shit



A_Young: public mirrors of the linux cryptography archives known as munitions
Loki: Thank choric.



A_Young: ... a secure, single floppy, bootable Linux distribution for storing PGP keys and then encrypting, signing and wiping files. At some point it became an exercise in over-engineering.
Loki: I love overengineering. For another such exercise, see http://www.projectgibson.org.
A_Young: Tinfoil hat is useful if: ... * The Illuminati are watching your computer, and you need to use morse code to blink out your PGP messages on the numlock key.

This is a completely useless link.


A_Young: old linux crypto-disk overview


A_Young: H4x0red Recipes


A_Young: crypto linux kernel




kherr: More than you wanted to know about everything Apple's done

John's Switch to Canada

kherr: Very funny Apple switch ad parody

Cosmic Tripship Party

seti: I was here just before. excellent gig (goa/psytrance)


Loki: " Due to years of early training, most men find it hard to strike a woman (without the catalyst of a burnt pot roast), so I try to gentle them into it with innocuous roleplays like "Poacher and Baby Seal," and "Pinata Fun Party!" You'd be surprised how poorly this actually works."

MySqlDirect .NET

Loki: Helps Mysql <-> .NET communication
Loki: Isn't this what ORB is for?

Newest (?) BIND holes

Loki: See also: http://bvlive01.iss.net/issEn/delivery/xforce/alertdetail.jsp?oid=21469


ALERT!!! There's a new Apple //gs emulator, native to Cocoa!

dtm: emulating bare metal , at a virtual 80 MHz on a G4 imac



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