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<burtonator> ok guys... less info... more anarchy! || The unlikely and bizarre superpowers of jillium, lllllll, dtm, and est, twisted and cavorted in unison last night!! || Get your Sizzler Cheese Bread here!!! || Adelaide Lavoie Mathews was born at 11:45PM on Nov. 14, 2002- 8lbs 8oz and 20 1/4" long. Mom and baby are both doing great! Photos are available at http://veronica.editthispage.com/

me updating my blog to rss

The writing and distribution of the tool is the offense

sayke: t0rn arrested - charged with... something. not sure.
sayke: but scotland yard says its not actually for compermising any systems


devzero: WEP cracker for Ash


pretender: Relative Uniform Resource Locators

Kikkoman! Show me! Show You!


A_Young: recipe for Sizzler Cheese Bread via fabulous UseNet(TM)!!!


uberfunk: Scientists successfully grow face (complete with facial hair) on plastic surface

Pokey The Penguin

look: Pokey so strange





Why AIDS isn't really killing Africa.

CPT notes on USA's attempt to get patent scope extended in WIPO Substantive Patent Law Treaty

GabeW: This is where it begins...
GabeW: Needless to say, a bunch of countries aren't happy with this..

Uhm. Woops. chumped that yesterday.


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