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<burtonator> ok guys... less info... more anarchy! || The new Onion is here! The new Onion is here! || Ash is scheduled to become a daddy again tomorrow.

List of approved open source licences.

rik: Pick a licence, any licence.
rik: Keep it. I've got 51 more.


A_Young: little linux step by step @ IBM Developer Works

Peercast released open source


Ash: <coderman> i think u just bitch slapped her!
Ash: <coderman> A/S/L

OMG, they killed BeOS

Ash: you bastards

This is a great commercial

highly amusing y2k bug



burtonator 2.0

burtonator: now with less hair color

Land of 10,000 Inventions

kherr: Lots of good stuff, don't hold Zubaz against Minnesota

Death and Murder! Just in time for Christmas!

areaman: Jesus would be proud!
areaman: Hypocritical motherfucker!



DragonFax: pics fo the Guard Dragon from Banryu


DragonFax: Starting early


JDarcy: Don't ask how I found that.

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