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The earth IS flat. It just stuffs its bra.





Pictures from last night's Underworld concert at the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

seti: excellent gig!
seti: Underworld was brilliant, not even the HMH could change that.

Squirrel Terrorises English Town!

rik: English town near where rik lives in Manchester, actually
rik: 17:24 <@jenn> LONDON (Reuters) - A squirrel which terrorized a British town by attacking people has been shot and killed by the grandfather of its latest
rik: victim.
rik: 17:24 <@jenn> poor sqwerl


one piece of coursework rik has to do

"I have more computers than you"

Political Party Funding

Loki: Please disregard my inappropriate use of the middle mouse button's 'paste' feature. My hands, besodden with cheap imitation whiskey, have taken it upon themselves to press random buttons.

doom2 instructions - how to play

Bowling for Columbine, woo

The Police to reunite one time for hall of fame induction

KGabeW: Also, AC/DC, Elvis Costello and the Clash - I WANNA BE THERE!



icepick-work: "Who do you trust? Nobody? Good, let's put Nobody in charge then..."

Who was the first president?


Gun-toting granddad gets his terrorist squirrel.

Loki: skwerrelz scare me

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