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I have no idea what the hell they are using this shit for

coderman: microwave beacons? sounds like breakfast


GabeW: PKI for dummies. (Good!)
Loki: I reiterate ONCE AGAIN that pdf is not an acceptable web document format.

Video games that kick ass

Loki: See also: http://www.gamegirladvance.com/archives/2002/10/26/sex_in_games_rezvibrator.html


A_Young: test your edonkey connectibility ffs



A_Young: ED2K GUI for Linux/BSD


A_Young: allegations of RIAA spoofing gnutella and suggestions of what to do about it


NBI: applecomm residential ADSL price list.



Loki: "Trying to use VNC made me long for the speed and simplicity of X, which can't possibly be a good sign."
lemonodor: "Unlike the majority of the Unix peanut gallery, I consider a case-insensitive, case-preserving file system a screaming feature, not a bug. If you have two distinct files which differ only in case, you're a pinhead and deserve to lose."
Loki: Statement from the aforementioned gallery: Case insensitive == feature. Case-preserving == bug.
Loki: "Also, I instinctively distrust anyone who thinks writing in C++ is a good idea."
coderman: Fuck you too man! I laugh as your mediocre intellect tries to grasp the beauty that is C++ in all its pure virtual abstract vtable template functor goodness
coderman: Unless you prefer ruby or python. then its all cool.



coderman: That looks like lunch to me...


Cthulhu For President


kherr: What Would Cthulhu Do?

Cthuugle Ph'nglui Search Fhtagn!

Aspell Gnu Spell Checker

Lawrence Philips' Metaphone Algorithm


wmf: Hey, Wolfensein is back


GabeW4Prez: Switch parody featuring anaking skywalker
seti: crashed Mozilla here. thank youuuuuuu

Arsonist crows

Java Spellchecker on sourceforge


kherr: Sony Ericcson t68i Bluetooth cell phone for $50 from Amazon.com ($250 mail-in rebates)
seti: goes with a T-Mobile one year subscription minimum though
kherr: T-Mobile is good stuff, GSM.



A "tunnel" profile for BEEP

GabeW2: Doesn't attempt to address NAT2NAT issues
coderman: Cause NAT to NAT is a fucking bitch, that's why. you must use UDP (firewalls not included) or some kind of port opening protocol feature in your NAT router itself (forget what this initiative was, but obviously not supported by the vast, vast majority of devices)
coderman: DIE NAT!!#!@#(&@!n argg
Ash: <coderman> mmmm, NAT... drool

Libraries monitoring internet access


Gir so cute!

Scientists study gay sheep

Ash: porno music plays

More Emacs Addiction

Ash: i love being addicted to emacs

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