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<jillzilla> CREEPING APOSTROPHE | * jillzilla renames her rock band.

Bayesian Filtering POP3 proxy

rik: "The most famous result from the paper is Bayes Theorem which shows how to calculate the probability of one event given that you know some other event has occurred. Algebraically that is:"
rik: "P(A|B) = P(A) * P(B|A) / P(B)"
rik: "Or the probability of A occurring given that B has occurred (P(A|B)) is the probability of A occurring (P(A)) times the probability of B occurring if A has occurred (P(B|A)) divided by the probability of B occurring (P(B))."
rik: No doubt he had time to think this up because he wasn't spending all day sorting 200 emails into appropriate categories and deleting spam..."
Loki: Bayes is also the little-known original inventor of procmail. He declared that without it, he would never be productive.


A_Young: linux-on-a-cd being used for installing debian



Even better info on writing your legislator

How to write your legislator

Yum.. Terrorist in a Blanket


Pictures from Yosemite

Stripping the Membranes! Woo!


wmf: what century are we in again?
wmf: also, when can I get my own country?

My Message from Barbara Boxer regarding the CBDTPA

cool photo, cool phone


full body painting

dtm: http://www.oldweakandpathetic.com/bodypaint/ff-others/pictures/dcp02415.jpg
dtm: http://www.oldweakandpathetic.com/bodypaint/ff-others/pictures/dcp02429.jpg
Mutiny: I call this one 'fake juggies with paint on em'

Greens and Al Qaeda? : IMC Victoria

Into the Dark

Internet-Draft tracker - good stuff!

The Janus Wireless Project: Hardware

one fucked up country

Sources: U.S. kills al Qaeda chief

Oxford power cut

Loki: Setting the standard in journalism photography.


malaclyps: Vulcans infiltrate the ISS
malaclyps: Hoho NASA humour

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