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Hello, my name is the FSF and i am a loser

Advogato entry of a coder who quits on the industry

deltab: <GabeW> Bram responds to it

One of the sillier cards from Magic: The Gathering

rik: "Denimwalk. (If defending player is wearing any clothing made of denim, this creature is unblockable.)"

URL that will get you ther.. if you have a supported bowser

deltab: If your browser is not supported but returns the cookie, you can reload to get to the story.

198 car pile up

Rocky Mountain National Park Scenery

one disgruntled reader's summary of the mainstream slashdot community

dtm: this rules, fyi

mysql filesystem



DragonFax: Cartoon Network was going to show 'Rejected' tonight, but chickened out at the last minute. And for the most stupid of petty reasons too.


Coderman sieze's control of 3 OC12 internet backbone links via a wireless link to the FOX tower.

coderman: ehehe, just kidding.
Ash_: we are the mooninites, we are advanced beyond all OC12 internet backbones
coderman: "why is everyone staring at us?"
burtonator: who's the criminal?!
Loki: Is he humping that satellite dish?
coderman: Yes, unfortunately my penis is required for optimal gain
coderman: When covered with a special "fractal radome receive" condom manufactured by Trojan i get an additional +5dB at the parabolic focus.


The Best Page In the Universe

kherr: Now that's a blog.
kherr: Insightful xbox critique http://maddox.xmission.com/xbox_suckit.html

Candy raver pic from "Retarded Ravers of America" site


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