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Whatever happened to sex drugs and rock n roll? Now we just have aids crack and techno.

This costume kicks ASS.


Loki: Am I gay or not?


comments from an antitrust expert

dtm: \ Judge Robert H. Bork, former Appellate Judge and Antitrust Expert
dtm: \"The decision accepts the deeply flawed settlement between Microsoft and the Department of Justice, which does nothing to restore competition to the marketplace or to prevent Microsoft from repeating acts explicitly held by the Court of Appeals to have been illegal."
dtm: \"The word has gone forth from the Bush Administration to countless would-be dreamers and tinkerers: we will not protect you when monopolists like Microsoft set out to crush you. It may take a decade to understand just how shortsighted today's decision is."
dtm: \"Microsoft has ostensibly been on its best behavior the past few months while pretending to comply with the DOJ settlement. Even during this time, the degree and nature of their predatory conduct has accelerated. I shudder to think of what this portends for the industry, which is now almost totally regulated by the most powerful monopolist in history."

Deeper Toilets

nym: /me agrees

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