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Happy All Saints Day. Get thee to a mummery!

Weather forcast for the greater boston area.

Ash: weather.com, brought to you by freebsd
Mutiny: SIGH

Photos of my office (plus my nice, clean server room)

Ash: i love my office


Loki: My new camera... GIMME!


Loki: Usenet lore

OSX for UNIX sellouts

Jamie Feiss

deltab: "Switch" ads that we want to see

burtonator and his chick roommate on Halloween

AlterNet: Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?

kherr: Food for thought on conspiracies. If this were Argentina in the 1970s it would be probably yes.
wmf: ooh, black helicopters
kherr: How come Republicans never die like this? It seems to violate probability.

FCC Chairman on spectrum policy

GabeW: FCC now to consider scarity in 4 dimensions (the 4th being time)
kherr: Kevin Werbach's take on Powell's speech: http://werbach.com/blog/2002/10/31.html


Soundex Implementation in Java

tansaku: match misplet words in java
tansaku: or rather mis-pronounced words - not sure about the spelling


DragonFax: the way peerfeers silly side box looks on my screen
DragonFax: interestingly enough you can also observe the 2 tabs in mozilla I used to look up on google just how you take a screen capture in X11


Le Petomaine, the French "fartist"

Personal telco meeting webcast

Meet coderman at the personal telco meeting in portland oct 31st.

coderman: And other people too...
coderman: Like people you would find interesting, and people with something to say. other than "blaze that shit yo!"
Loki: Blaze that shit y0!

Have a happy fucking halloween

seti: not work safe
^Ash: Depends on where you work, silly
seti: I wish I still worked at a place where this was OK...

a neutron bomb has hit the consulting industry

Kids on Drugs


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