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ash is special in that suicide is legitimate both as a desire and an action

Ash: this kills me

Sun Fire 15K Overview

DragonFax: Its a magical place. With faeries and gnomes, and sponteneous combustion.
TheShadO: I'd like one for Christmas

Intel to appeal Itanium injunction

kherr: Judge issued an injunction that bars Intel from making and selling the Itanium.

"Student Suspended Over Suspected Use of PHP"

dtm: \"In response to parental demands the school has reconfigured its internet WatchDog software to block access to all internet sites mentioning PHP. Officials say this should prevent any other students from falling prey like Brett Tyson did. They have also stepped up locker searches and brought in drug sniffing dogs."

A cautionary tale, woo

Physics bitten by reverse Alan Sokal hoax?

Re: very high GHZ cpus

deltab: "if you push one end of a solid rod, the other end will move instantaneously!"


The truth behind Macworld Boston


Canada warns some canadians against traveling to the U.S.




coderman: Special K, great for breakfast

Allen Funt Lets President In On Hilarious 'Cuban Missile Crisis' Prank

Ash: Buy this book if you don't own it, btw.

Headache Relief Tips from America's Finest News Source [tm]

jillzilla: WARNING: May induce flashbacks to really amazingly bad rock songs from bands that should have been eliminated in 1970.

Lost Dog -- Shelby

Stock options case is not a state issue says 9th Circuit Ct of Appeals

seti: A tale of screwed employees

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