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Angus_Angus: All the really cool shit that's going in linux 2.5


A_Young: linux + grsecurity and some latency and some other stuff


Does the text at the bottom have a 3D effect?

burtonator: How the hell did they do that?!
burtonator: Optical illusion?

My Emacs Addiction

a truly bizarre and nonsequitur computer animation; looks liek claymation

dtm: \ 12 megabytes
dtm: \ playable with videolan.org, even on macos10

Why soccer is not popular in america. Click links in decending order.

drue: my money is on Brazil...
drue: .






kherr: This and the next two images are butter sculptures from 1999 MN State Fair.
kherr: And here's an in-progress shot: http://www.mikedust.com/statefair/fair00_019.html

Court: Doctors can recommend marijuana

kherr: Circuit Court said doctors can't lose license for recommending marijuana. Take that, Ashcroft!


Enterprise Grade Jobs

drue: sub-enterprise grade engineers need not apply


kherr: Some weasel got a patent on e-commerce, is suing everyone he can think of.
kherr: Thanks USPTO!

Pictures of jillzilla, lllllll

Borked Google


darth-burtonator: Am I the only person who found the whole Paul Wellstone thing suspicious?!


darth-burtonator: AaronSw is bringing down the average age!
coderman: "Typical post: 10/24/02 5:43 p.m. So, like today I was in the cafeteria talking about Shelly's stupid blog, ok, and then Josie like totally walked up in my face and said my blog was trash and I was like, noo way, talk to the blog, ya know, cause i'm cool and I don't play that. So anyway, I need to go eat dinner now. I'll blog on it later. "

FBI Reports Marijuana arrests far exceed total arrests for all violent crimes added together

coderman: Educate yourself: learn how to enjoy weed without police aggrivation
nym: Were you one of the 723,627 people arrested last year?
coderman: coderman is educated and does not get caught with weed by police.
coderman: refer to "social engineering", "covert placement", "driving very fast at night with lights off", etc.
nym: 89% of those arrested were for simple possession.
darth-burtonator: What would happen if citizens were free do control their own lives?!
darth-burtonator: Answer: We might not be going to war!
darth-burtonator: Smoke pot... not bush!
DragonFax: Hey I just went to McDonalds, though I'd talk in chump comments too.
DragonFax: I wonder what would happen if we all talked in chump comments.
Tschechow: another reason to live in !US.
DragonFax: Could chump be the wave of the future for online socializing?
DragonFax: You be the judge
coderman: At least this is better than that coversation we carried out using /topic
DragonFax: Lol, thats absolutely correct.
nym: Marijuana arrests are also higher than last year. I hope this trend doesn't continue.

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