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Xirzon: \K5's darkest secrets revealed: hashed passwords visible to anyone, stored in bio field until account is confirmed

Greg Martin. Artist. Cool Artist.

rik: Greg Martin > Ryan Bliss. Check it out for yourself.


Xirzon: \my current bg image


Tschechow: Editor for real men getting real work done on real computers.


Xirzon: \Screenshots of Aurora, the best text editor ever


Xirzon: \My comments about TWiki


Xirzon: \A revolutionary product
Xirzon: \Written in Java, of course



Loki: The song titles for "Collective Abhorrence" rule.

"Perspective: Tech's big challenge: Decentralization"


Loki: Jackie Chan + Street Fighter = rule

how and why decentralization characterizes the next tier of web services

dtm: \has some interesting analogy based memes that some of us may not have thought of, and relates to weblogging and php
dtm: \Decentralization works because it mirrors our own nature, wrote Werbach: "It's the human element that is really driving the pressure for decentralized solutions. This shouldn't be too surprising. Biological phenomena like the human body and the global biosphere have had billions of years to evolve, and they are the most complex decentralized systems we encounter."




DragonFax: ... disturbing


Mars Pathfinder FAQs - General Topics

kherr: The computer is a Radiation Hardened IBM Risc 6000 Single Chip (Rad6000 SC) CPU running VxWorks.


Consumers shun copy-protected CDs - study

wmf: you don't say...
kherr: Apparently only RIAA doesn't get it.
coderman: wow, that clue stick fucking hurts! 82% bad ...


Washington Post on Protests

darth-burtonator: Much better coverage than the lame SFGate
darth-burtonator: 50,000 people march in downtown SF and not a single mention
kherr: There's a conspiracy by media outlets to suppress the dissent. See http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&q=anti-war+protests


Article on Chaords

GabeW: Not as kooky as it sounds initially.
darth-burtonator: satori


Freenet 0.5 released

coderman: Ian Clarck steps down from Uprizer, founding new company called Cematics

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