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The whole world is just one huge unoptimised system.

Vice City coming SOOOOOON!

seti: so what's their airport code so I can reserve my tickets?


French Laundry restaurant


Loki: aRRR!

"Ode to the Recruiter"


A_Young: exactly 4194304GB, or 4096TB
A_Young: unzip that
A_Young: don't - it's 4000 TB of zeros in a 40k file!!!

Reflections on September 11, 2001

dtm: \ (on Sept 13, 2001)

Part 2 of last.

In which our hero runs rings around the prosecution.


Jail Chroot Project [freshmeat info]

The Benefits of the Java Collection Framework

kensaku: not that this is a wonderful article


The Luckiest iPod in the World


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