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Just When You Thought You've Seen It ALL!

drue: not totally work safe
drue: "Hot and Kinky Balloon Sex!"
drue: "Your total balloon and inflatables fetish site!"
drue: "Popping and non-popping..."


chump is a munkie

Loki: munkiemunkie munkie

Bird of Prey

Loki: Gimmeh one.

Scientists unable to explain 300% increase in autism over last 15 years

Loki: No reg req. Isn't &partner=GOOGLE leet?



Loki: One of the best pages on UML usage in the real world I've found.


kherr: Dell wi-fi doesn't do WEP properly

MS kills another clip-art fan rave

kherr: Another bogus testimonial from Microsoft, will the lying never stop?

Mac to Atari 2600: switching is easy!

MS Shared Source Passport

gnu-burtonator: The author doesn't understand the definition of Public Domain!
gnu-burtonator: Shared Source is not public domain!

Works for me

where the axis begins

Nym's blog


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