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Sed quis custodiet ipsos Custodes? -- OK, I will

The world's most dangerous server rooms

Ash: I think there's a picture of jill's cubicle in there
seti: <Ash> wow, i feel a lot better about my server room now that I've read this article on the reg



Loki: C++ elliptic crypto library
Loki: rik would be pleased.
rik: rik is pleased

Beltway sniper takes out FBI cyber-sleuth

kherr: "A single bullet took out more 'computing' power at FBI NIPC than a cyber-terrorist could ever hope to achieve."

Helms blocks Web radio royalty deal U.S. Senate

kherr: Senator Jesse Helms seems to have stalled this "backroom deal" that screwed really small netcasters.

25th amendment, presidential succession

kherr: 25th Amendment spells out how to replace vice president
kherr: http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0101032.html has details of how presidential succession works and who's in line

Belafonte won't take back slavery slur


kherr: Look closely at the book in dubya's hands
kherr: See also http://www.puppethead.com/misc/ourleaders.jpg

Good Phish concert via BitTorrent

Greenspan warned of potential violation

kherr: Can't be accepting knighthood without Congress' approval, forbidden by US Constitution



Loki: Would your company have been able to recover so quickly?

Visualisations of strange attractors in common TCP stacks

Loki: Cisco's srand(), according to this, rules

Fog Chiller - Fog that hugs the ground

SPAM (sorry folks)

SPAM (sorry folks)

nym: ""

Kellner - Without Advertising, We Will Damage This Country

look: LawMeme savages the TV network exec who's most famous for saying taking a bathroom break during commericals was "stealing"
look: "Whenever times are tough CEO's want to blame the consumer....Smart businessmen figure out ways to entice the consumer. Soon-to-be failures blame them."

Twisted Matrix Labs: Twisted.Manhole

Joel on Software - The Iceberg Secret, Revealed

Volere Requirements Process

kherr: Endorsed by Tom DeMarco, how can it get any better than that?

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