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ACLU Challenges Patriot Act

gnu-burtonator: I should join the ACLU!
drue: ACLU - staunch defenders of most of the Bill of Rights

Military spy planes out to nab DC sniper. I'd like to see them drop a daisy cutter on his ass.

drue: we had to destroy the subdivision to save it

Australian DSL Providers List: SA

Angus_Angus: <NBI>: Just found this list of 24 SA (Oz) availabe ADSL providers!

Please take TheShad0's questionnaire (dtm hasn't read it yet)

TheShadO: This is for my thesis -- help me ace it or my family wont be able to eat
dtm: What are you waiting for?! It's FOR THE CHILDREN.


A_Young: cheapest brand new 10K 36G scsi drive i ever saw

Extending iCal To Blogs And MP3s (starring Morbus!)

The Highly Sensitive Person

Slashdot comment: "Nazi-esque SysV init scripts"

dtm: http://apple.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=42372&cid=4456765
dtm: the first one's unintentionally funny/stupid and the second one's intentionally so :}

Fax Modem Software

deltab: source code for a fax modem written in C++

The Sysops' Corner

"What is blognet trying to accomplish?"

"What software is required to run blognet?"

US threatens Canada - Legalize and we Nuke you!

Twisted Matrix Laboratories

blanu: All python p2p hackers go use this instead of writing your own server and protocol code

Matrix Public Net

deltab: "MPN spreads short voice messages through a web of trust; credibility decays until a threshold where the message is dropped. It comes with a program for recording and sending messages as well as plugins for XMMS and WinAmp that play received messages."

Southwest Alaskans see bird they say is Super Cub-sized

Tips for Staying Safe [from snipers]


drue: Porn suiitable for your Danger Hiptop, or your Mac Plus...
look: It's Xirzon's dream come true!

DNA Lounge: DNA Sequencing: October 2002

Rich editing for textareas in Mozilla!

My Eldred vs. Ashcroft Experience


Afterglow of a Myth: Why and how the "Hindenburg" burnt


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