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the bram nemesis involves offshore platforms and guns, it must be more exciting than the bourne identity | want to remove the bourne identity? set -o csh_junkie


Loki: Jack Welch, Meg Whitman cited as paradigm of good CEO
Loki: Smart money says both will be indicted before Christmas

Study in bias.


Chemists honour Sherlock Holmes

Can Your Cholesterol Be Too Low?

Ripping Vinyl and Burning CD's


kherr: The real axis of evil
kherr: See accompanying story at http://www.salon.com/politics/feature/2002/10/16/protest/index.html


kherr: That's not real, fool.

KENSINGTON ASTRO PACK Black 62192 Notebook Carrying Case

jillzilla: This pack rocks my world.
jillzilla: And a scary good price, particularly if it's in Canadian dollars.

linking to text regions within Mozilla!

gnu-burtonator: man that is slick!

Trilobite Cookies

deltab: "These cookies are the result of my most recent research into what ancient trilobites would have tasted like if primitive biochemical processes were based on jam/chocolate/cookie molecules."

Report: STMicro in chip talks with Motorola

kherr: Europe's biggest chip maker is in talks to buy Motorola's semiconductor operations.
dogcow: Please note that Europe's biggest chip maker only sells 12 dozen chips a year :-(
dogcow: Poor, poor Europe.
wmf: after Apple dumps them, Moto can sell just as many

(non-POSIX) kernel-level ACLs on Linux

Loki: File ACLs, not general resource ACLs.
deltab: also extended attributes

Dmitry Sklyarov can't come back to the US to testify in DMCA trial

Loki: "Consuls are vested with a great deal of responsibility and a great deal of power, and their decisions are not subject to judicial review."
Loki: What the hell? See Marbury v. Madison http://usinfo.state.gov/usa/infousa/facts/democrac/9.htm
Loki: everything is subject to judicial review.

Snoop Dogg goes clean

Loki: Work safe, except for that Playboy ad on the side.
Loki: If you're at work, see: http://graphics.theonion.com/pics_3837/infograph_3837.jpg
dogcow: Also be sure to check http://adgraphics.theonion.com/playboy/onion2.jpg

TiVo Store | Wireless Modem Jack by Phonex

deltab: "The Wireless Jack for Modems is designed to turn any electrical outlet into a phone jack that can be used to connect your TiVo to your existing phone line."
pretender: "The Wireless Jack for Modems is designed to turn any of your neighbor's electrical outlet into a phone jack that can be used to connect his TiVo to your existing phone line."

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