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Hibernating Actor Uncovered on Antiques Roadshow

coderman: "Not only were they beautiful and unique works of furniture, but they also enabled their owners to wait out career downturns and lengthy legal or contractual entanglements."


coderman: "So you think it is rad to make fake testimonials Ray?"

"The plastic brain requires happy neurons.. or .. THEY DIE!"

coderman: " According to Sapolsky's research, the adrenal gland responds to angst by secreting glucocorticoids, a steroid hormone that kills neurons. " - OH SHIT, I AM SCREWED!

find out which is more popular

"About RMS & Bitkeeper" <--- This is one of the best discussion posts I have ever read in my whole life.

dtm: "Most of his life has been spent trying to make living with his ideals more convenient. Most of us losers spend our lives rationlizing about our ideals until our ideals are convenient." -- regarding RMS
dtm: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=42229&cid=4443765
dtm: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=42229&cid=4444062 <-- The one person I've ever heard of who understands and agrees with Bitkeeper. And I understand yet disagree with him :)

The 28th most powerful supercomputer in the world.

rik: Distributed memory MPP with 788 application processors, 17 command and 11 system processors
rik: Each processor has 256Mbytes memory (209Gbytes total)
dtm: Geez.

Announcement for the creation of GNU, 9-27-1983

Loki: "I am Richard Stallman, inventor of the original much-imitated EMACS"



some of rik's coursework




A_Young: Computer recycling project funded through work-for-the-dole schemes in Australia



iChat to support Jabber


kherr: Blog dedicated to Apple switch ads and parodies

Magical Misery Tour

look: ouch, Coleman!
kherr: The GOP senate candidate for MN and how he destroyed the St. Paul economy

lingerd - an accelerator daemon for Apache

dtm: "Because of some technical complications in the way TCP/IP and HTTP work, each Apache process currently wastes a lot of time "lingering" on client connections, after the page has been generated and sent. Lingerd takes over this job, leaving the Apache process immediately free to handle a new connection. As a result, Lingerd makes it possible to serve the same load using considerably fewer Apache processes. This translates into a re
wmf: or you just use a fast Web server
wmf: but "nobody got fired for using Apache"

New game: XXX boasts that is the first the first major release to feature full-action nudity and with prostitutes and pimps as major characters. "

coderman: Score! Mix this with State of Emergency and Grand Theft Auto and you have a blockbuster!
Loki: No screenshots? Boooo!
coderman: Screenshots are at www.absolutseries.com
coderman: "The video (promo) ends with the admonition: "We're going to hell for this and you're all coming with us."
RoastBeef: I think he meant www.bmxxxx.com



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