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That old topic was moldy, so I trashed it. Remind someone to get a new one. | Topics aren't bananas.

ISOC `won' the race for being registry for the .org domain.

seti: And their infrastructure can't even stand getting slashdotted... time to change TLDs.



A_Young: I think this is already in chump .. but what chump does with URLs I guess I'll never know
A_Young: Global Network of Dreams - Neural nets to model human tastes in things like music, books, web sites and er movies
A_Young: so far


A_Young: Rather a slow site with presumably some lectures and possibly some texts by Alan Watts a Western Tao/Zen preaching Psych
A_Young: Nah - you have to pay


A_Young: Brief review of Alan Watts "The Wisdom of Insecurity"


A_Young: Objectivity vs subjective reality ... memory is subjective


A_Young: A good start


A_Young: Author of 'Freedom from the known'


A_Young: Wake UP! Wake Up from the Meme Dream!!!


This is coderman's weapon of choice

coderman: Look for the clip titled: "A 36 barrel prototype has fired a burst of 180 rounds at a rate exceeding one million rpm."
wmf: no wonder it's called "metal storm"
Mutiny: Feed mechanism a major hurtle to overcome before this becomes a viable technology.
coderman: <dtm> STOP THE VIOLENCE -- peace requires mutually assured destruction
seti: if you don't arm yourselves, the terrorists will have won! It's your Constitutionally protected right to arm yourself in order to be able to start a militia against an illegal government!

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