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Time is an illusion perpetrated by the manufacturers of space. | Everyone /join #tmnt



Cool! the guy on the right is the one who runs rotten.com !






Loki: investigators had found new evidence near the middle school in Bowie, Maryland, where a 13-year-old boy was shot Monday -- including a shell casing and a tarot card inscribed with the message, "Dear Policeman: I am God."

The Nigel Smart mentioned is rik's tutor at uni.

America: Broken as Designed

The New Constitution Project: Democracy Done Right.

Loki: My new project.
Loki: Rough idea of what it is, what it plans on doing.

National firearms database delayed

sayke: they're having problems with the National Police Computer


coderman: Lemon juice - the low cost STD and pregnancy protection

PKI is failing, say Sun and Microsoft

kherr: What a shocker, they've realized PKI is too complex.

I Was a Wi-Fi Freeloader

kherr: ³I think [accessing open signals] is legal,² says Jennifer Granick, a criminal lawyer who heads Stanfordıs Center for Internet and Society

Smash the entertainment empire

South Korean man dies after indulging in computer games

Wi-Fi "wartrappers" nab drive-by hackers

kherr: This is just wrong. Intentionally setting up a wi-fi honeynet to "catch" people.
kherr: Can you say entrapment?


Loki: Your Recommended Daily Allowance of cute for the next friggin week.

Barren woman: "God wants me to have a clone."

Loki: Me: "If God wanted you to reproduce He'd have made your plumbing work."

Man can't change his name to 'God'.

Loki: mutters something awful about flat namespaces

Slashdot guy and some other guys starting MMORG game company


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