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Time is an illusion perpetrated by the manufacturers of space.


Man dies after playing video games straight for 86 hours

coderman: Man dies after playing video games straight for 86 hours
nym: lovely...



coderman: This looks tasty, might have to give it a try...

Todays coderlog is a public service announcement

One marine killed, one injured by "al Qaeda" in evil Kuwait

coderman: I thought we saved kuwait, and they are good now (where good == give us oil in the US government)
RoastBeef: <marine> . o O ( Hey, I respawned in "America's Army".. what gives?!? )

Permanent Revolution

Dude, where's my job?



A_Young: low latency conglomeration patch for 2.4.19


A_Young: 2.4.19 kernel enhancement patch conglomeration

Virtual hosting with User-mode Linux


The Stadium Pal!

kherr: An undetectable male leg bag with catheter
kherr: And don't forget Stadium Gal for women http://www.stadiumpal.com/what.htm
drue: "The external catheter has adhesive on it much like a band-aid."

Google explains new page rankings

kherr: Includes explanation of Google news
deltab: Misspells name as "Matt Cutz"

Cutting-edge tech grabs federal grants

deltab: Coming to a movie screen near you: Macrovision-like recording prevention
deltab: The project brief
deltab: More detail on all the grant winners in an earlier chump item

CIPE - Crypto IP Encapsulation

deltab: <Loki> Appears to rule.
jillzilla: <Ry4an> I've used cipe. It was a pain in the ass.


Sinfest 2002-10-07: "The friend zone ain't so bad..."

New ATP Awards Announced in 2002

Server closet from hell.


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