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Fair use has a posse -- are you in it? || 21:29 < AccordionGuy> XML is to programming as modifying the main deflector dish is to Star Trek. || You mean it always works? -- Luke

chump why are you logging this?!? argh!

Please buy jillzilla this shirt

coderman: Please do not buy jillzilla this shirt, unless you want her killed!
Ash: Oh come on, it'll be fun
Ash: She can wear it on the plane

Please donate so coderman can get a new welding helmet


Common Lisp LDAP bindings using UFFI

Ash: Somebody else is doing this so I don't have to! Woohoo!



<coderman> Woah what am i doing here playing drums this is crazy

coderman: I drum like the drummers in Diamond Age

Programmer's File Editor

dnm: \ A surprisingly useful freeware Windows text editor no longer in development (but nice nonetheless)
dnm: \ Delve into the template and macro features to really get into it.


Vocera pins Wi-Fi to collars

kherr: Can you say "comm badge"?





Loki: This man scares me.
Mutiny: Six words: Stand back, he's going to explode.



Mutiny: Crossing the ever fine "scary" border.

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