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Fair use has a posse -- are you in it? || 21:29 < AccordionGuy> XML is to programming as modifying the main deflector dish is to Star Trek.

Slashdot -> news.com -> DeCSS

seti: <Mutiny> DeCSS -> yesterdays news.
Loki: See also http://devney.net/~matthew/decss.tar.gz
coderman: See also http://cubicmetercrystal.com/decss/
coderman: FUCK YOU MPAA


Loki: Launch in 2 hours (~1p pdt)
Loki: Leet new ground camera installed.


Loki: Today's recommended daily allowance of cute.
coderman: Zoo pictures always make me hungry

Operating system sucks-o-meter

Mutiny: I think their numbers for VMS are highly skewed.

Vimsh - open a shell in one of your vim buffers.

RoastBeef: This is great if you have to use vim for some reason and you're used to having a shell in your editor.

Morbus's article on extending iCal to weblogs and mp3

Burtonator's new sportscar, check it out!

Cool achewood tshirt, starring Ray!

Apparently a mini-image of the sage visage of Morbus!

Ash: Picture of Satan
dtm: Oh, ok. Or that.

Portable brain cancer devices

coderman: Feel free to buy me one...


This Modern World

kherr: Conservatives with an Attitude!


LawMeme's Revenge of the Blog conf

look: LawMeme rules
look: they rule so much they make me want to quit writing

introduces term "agnustics"

Anonymous network transports


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