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Fair use has a posse -- are you in it? || Our official sponsor is: Dank Nuggs || Anti-invading-Iraq (?) protest , Union Square, 2pm, today (Sunday).


kherr: Release 1.1 of a handy Java developer tool for seeing what's happening with the JVM.


kherr: Origins of the whole "brass ring" thing

Google Degraded? Geeks Aghast

kherr: New google ranking tweaks sux0rs

Temp Hides Fun, Fulfilling Life From Rest Of Office

Ptarmigan Media Parser for XML

kherr: Cool sourceforge project to generate SAX events from media metadata, like mp3 tags.


kherr: "The two worst run industries in America are the telecom and the airline. Maybe WorldCom should merge with United..."


Filters vs. Blacklists

look: "In effect, MAPS wastes most of its bullets on civilians."


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