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Fair use has a posse -- are you in it?

Senate candidate blue -- literally

Bart.gov - Don't have a cow, man


Ash: <lemonodor> do you think nym will actually believe I'm flying to chicago? snicker

Best weekly news wrapup ever


People are invading Ellen Feiss' PRIVATE LIFE!

Ash: Don't forget to join #ellenfeiss on EFnet!
coderman: Next they will be invading her privates ...
Ash: porno music plays
coderman: What better way to segue into a career than exploit the perverted fantasies of the least laid demographic on the planet? (mac geeks)
wmf: no, I think Mac geeks get laid more often than Linux geeks
coderman: I am a linux geek, and in my prime I alone shifted the demographic in our favor.
coderman: rawr!
Mutiny: "...and it was like, bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep..."

Disgrace at Freedom Plaza

look: disturbing
coderman: That is why I bring percussive stun weapons to rallies. Drop one off and run like hell!


coderman: Invisible IRC Network on slashdot



Mutiny: Iraq Official Suggests Bush Duel With Saddam to Resolve Standoff, Sparing People the Ravages of War
RoastBeef: If we're lucky, Kofi Annan(sp) will shoot both of them.

Am I the worst boyfriend in the world or what????

coderman: Another tale of british stupidity with regards to email communications and personal matters.


seti: More reasons why Jeb Bush isn't worth the air he breathes


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