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What they don't seem to get is that the key to living the good life is to avoid that brass ring like the fucking plague. | Go for the onion ring instead.

good list of looking glasses

Congress Campaigning With Cartoons

Loki: This is truly great. I want that cartoon so I can show it to everyone.
Loki: See also http://www.democrats.org/social_insecurity/

DOOM 7650

deltab: "Play the classic first-person shooter now on your Nokia 7650!"


Loki: Look at that URL. You see why we don't use spaces in filenames, right?
Loki: Just a further note: File names don't have spaces. Duh.

Achewood - March 27, 2002: That's the kind of thing I like to write.

DragonFax: ?!?!?!?!
coderman: LOL. see, I think what this is getting at is that phillipe meets this really swell girl, and he thinks he will want marry her. Then she keeps writing these weird foul messages to him, and he thinks she is nuts. And he imagines her killing the baby due to mental problems, and laughing about it.
coderman: Kind of reminds me of those really cute fucking crazy girls you meet at least once in a lifetime, who are great at first, but rapidly devolve into insane devil fembots out to destroy you.

Achewood - January 25, 2002: There is always a price for reading achewood

coderman: Ahahahaa, wtf is this.
DragonFax: Great Googly Moogly
deltab: <coderman> WARNING - sketched cat penis in view

Achewood - March 21, 2002: People had been asking about the middle cat

RoastBeef: Hey that's me!

Geiger counter clicks

deltab: only $3.25!
deltab: or get some elsewhere for free

Congress asked to unpock copy lock laws

kherr: This is the Boucher bill to repeal parts of DMCA


Swarming and the Future of Conflict

fortyhex: Swarming and the Future of Conflict -> p2p
deltab: Amazon's currently calling this "Swarming and the Future of Conflict (Mr (Rand Corporation), Db-311-Osd.)".

Someone tell me how Steelware works, and whether it works under Linux

coderman: Stealware works by replacing referrer identifiers in retail site URL's so that comisions for sales is not given by the party that referred you to the retail site, but instead given to the writers of the mal-ware that is hijacking the referrer ID's used.

Desktop Information Aggregators

uberfunk: Kinda like Amphy meets Gaim meets XMMS
uberfunk: In other words, sorta like Trillian Pro (?)

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