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What they don't seem to get is that the key to living the good life is to avoid that brass ring like the fucking plague. | Go for the onion ring instead.

Citizens dig pot plants

coderman: Coderman however, simply plucks dank buds and departs swiftly...

Morocco's miracle mule

seti: Mules are supposed to be infertile but this one gave birth, one of three cases ever in recent history
seti: according to the article.
coderman: Lets see if it makes good steaks!
seti: probably no chance of it suddenly mutating and starting to lay golden eggs

California rep. (East Bay) Barbara Lee's voting record.

American Independent Party of California

Loki: I'm not sure if I like these guys or not.

Why Libertarians are dumbasses. Generally.

Marines' parachutes sabotaged (nobody hurt)

Swearing and offensive language - severity rating (%)

Loki: Ware -you- saying the right words?

The No Kill I is a Star Trek punk rock band.

ddttmm: "Don't ask me why, because I sure as hell don't know, but we were a Hogan's Heroes band for a little while. Shows are usually pretty out of control what with the booze and the destruction and the flames and the costumes and the fights and the blood and the gore and the spitting. "

Matches made in Manhattan

coderman: Buying perfect-10 escorts for $10,000+ / year
coderman: This will be covered in chapter 1 of accounting 101 as part of the H&B Fund and Slush Fund topics.

RIAA Sues Radio Stations For Giving Away Free Music

jillzilla: ""Making matters worse, these radio stations often play the best, catchiest song off the album over and over until people get sick of it. Where is the incentive for people to go out and buy the album?"
Ash: "Could you imagine a bank letting somebody rob its vaults and then allowing the thief to thank his girlfriend Tricia and the whole gang down at Bumpy's?"
Ash: Google employee writes story for "satirical" newsweekly _The Onion_

Sick & Tired of Cap Promoters/Justifiers

Homeland Alert 1.1

sdz: Shows Homeland Security Advisory status in menu



seti: funny 419 parody

vCard and vCalendar (now iCalendar)


DragonFax: Its STARING at MEEEEEE!!!!!!

coderlog: Replication in large mobile ad-hoc wireless networks

coderman: mutiny says this is tiny, which it is. but multiply 100Mbit of data between all peers in all hotspots and it gets to be a large number (many terabytes)

The Phish.Net FAQ: 420

deltab: 404, more like


coderman: Feel free to buy me one of these

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