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The Sun Will Explode In Less Than Six Years!

Loki: 11:38 <@Carbon60> 6 more years of shite - can't they speed it up a bit?
DragonFax: On schedule with my Ass.

Lojban, as the unenlightened see it

Court rules voyeur cams legal - Tech News - CNET.com

coderman: Court rules voyeur cams legal
coderman: Everyone rejoice
Loki: Bring on the unwitting 9-year-old exhibitionists! x10.com NOW!
coderman: ""The voyeurism statute, as written, does not prohibit up-skirt photography in a public location," - in related news the Secret Service has started "Panty Driving" in an effort to forewarn those women vulnerable to pantyshot snipers by wearing thong underwear under short skirts in public...

Cappuccino : Mocha P4 PC

NSA to Upgrade Monitoring Abilities

rik: Tin Foil Hats ony $3.99!

Diane Warren: Music piracy could stymie young talent

NBI: To put it another way, illegal copying not only threatens the entire music business, it also threatens everyone who works in the recording industry.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - fansite

Fail-safe (THE BOOK)

jillzilla: A worthy read.


coderman: Cooking for geeks
coderman: Aka 1001 psychoactive recipies
coderman: http://www.erowid.org/library/books_online/pihkal/pihkal.shtml

Ten reasons to root for the Twins

kherr: Go Twins!
kherr: Apparently the owner, Carl Pohlad, is the model for Montgomery Burns.


Loki: Something about a six year old with abs so serrated you can cut bread with them strikes me as odd.

Companies settle CD price-fixing suit

kherr: RIAA seems to think they're above the law


RIAA croonies bitch slapped for fixing prices on CD's


jillzilla: I MA FEELIN LUKKY

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