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coderman: Freenet over wifi. I'd love to browse huge local caches in large hotspots.

Secret service wardriving in DC

GabeW: coderman -- working for the MAN??
coderman: My setup would put the man to shame. Only 30 aps on a drive? ANd using a pringles can? That was so last year :-)
coderman: I sent them a link to this 1149444 byte html file with our current results ( http://cubicmetercrystal.com/wifi/gps.html ) and a tip that using real Yagi's and an amplifier works much better. I wonder if I will hear back from them.

Porn clerk stories.

Loki: Only work safe if nobody gets close enough to read the text.
dogcow: You people don't have offices??


Loki: It's the rainbow motif that really sets the tone.

Job posting- Adult.com Linux Server Administrator



coderman: Secret service goes wardriving. But they suck apparently, as they only nabbed 30 access points in New York and are using a lame ass pringles can

Dear Illegal American Regime,


burtonator: Eldred case this week!
burtonator: I am excited... cross your fingers!
burtonator: Mickey maybe PD by next week!
burtonator: "The Congress shall have power to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries."




<Intel> I also like to live... dangerously

Ash: <Dealer> Dealer has 14, which beats your 5. I'm sorry, sir..

Build your own Lava Lamp

God Bless Our Truckers!

If you're happy and you knoq it, bomb Iraq!


Draft lecture on basic routing concepts.

Ash: Don't get me started on this document's rampant errors..
Loki: Comments to loki@devney.net please.
Ash: Er, wait... nevermind.

Neat 404

Linux Quake3 on FreeBSD howto.

rik: ...for servers.

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