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coderman: I want some biscuits!

awesome amateur pic of orion nebula

pretender: i wanna go there
drue: and by amateur I mean a guy taking the pic from his driveway using a $14,000 telescope riding on a $7,000 mount with a couple of $6,000 ccd cameras... (don't forget the laptop that runs it...)


kherr: A nifty perl script to colorize gcc output


kherr: Cool perl script to colorize cvs output and group in a readable manner

Lego Imperial Star Destroyer kit

kherr: Who wouldn't want one?
uberfunk: I know what I want from Santa!


kherr: Cheney's shifting positions, including voting against a resolution calling for Nelson Mandela's freedom in 1986.


kherr: WickedApp is a pretty useful template-driven content server/servlet

check out this Austinite and the Austin Museum of Digital Art

'Danger, Will Robinson! Dust Bunnies!'

jillzilla: Robot to clean floors!



Ellen Feiss techno remix

wmf: pretty lame, but worth a laugh


wmf: coderman's behind the curve
coderman: hah! I am getting one of these now.. wonder if they support external antennas.
wmf: what we really need are 200mW 802.11a cards to beat those people who say "802.11a range sucks" over the head with
look: only if they are big and heavy
coderman: You mean something like this? http://www.teletronics.com/tii/products/amplifiers/amp_58.html
coderman: This one is more suited for velro'ing to the back of your laptop: http://www.teletronics.com/tii/products/amplifiers/amp_58_500mw.html
coderman: Mwahahaha, if only you could see the evil gleam in my eye... ...
wmf: I'd prefer a card that didn't need an external amp
coderman: The PCB is thin, so you could actually hack it apart and use one PCCard slot for the amp PCB (it is small enough to fit, seriously) and the other slot for the 802.11a/b card.

Scandals lead execs to 'Atlas Shrugged'

look: randriods stole my baby!

Johnchalking: Urban citizens use chalk to indicate open restroom access

AaronSw: "It's cutting-edge city crime that's not yet been seen outside New York City. But experts warn that the crime known as "Johnchalking", a sinister system to steal restrooms will move across the world at the speed of the Internet."

Text: Gore Assails Bush's Iraq Policy

kherr: Very good speech, raises some points worth considering.


seti: If you want to know where your particular fetish belongs, look no further than this chart.
seti: Purity test additional question: How many of the listed fetishes were previously unknown to you?


kherr: Useful java debugging tool from me

Xenu removed from archive.org!

burtonator: 1:05PM ... sorry!
burtonator: My needs to talk to Brewster about a P2P archive!
burtonator: Maybe now he will get it! ;)

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