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Today's comic is inspired..

lrePlivE: Uh, if you only know HTML that's alright too Maybe there is still something' we could talk about
lrePlivE: like how you let your family down


coderman: Ecstasy + Viagra == a whole lot of entertainment...

A new identity for YOUR company

Taral: Very very amusing.


coderman: bush says: "UN risks becoming a bunch of mass-debators"

That symbol is what i think it is, isn't it?

More Offnews Screenshots (Mozilla Integration)

Microsoft blocks all attachments.

The Daily Show -- great snippet on Bush's speech to the UN on Iraq

dnm: \ "Clearly a situation too horrible to even pronounce."

The Daily Show's take on the Bush "Fool me once" gaffe

Biglook GUI toolkit

Brent Fulgham's write-up of his Goo Eclipse plugin.

Girls in Singapore pay men to paint them naked!

burtonator: I am moving!


burtonator: P2P Tyranny!


drue: "We need a scan of your passport to secure the affidavit for the transferall of the boxes of cash from the security company to you."

Bush The Fool: Shame on You

kherr: Hear the unedited gaff everyone's talking about! Buy the video!


wmf: Doc Searls is the man
wmf: (after Larry Lessig, of course)

Why do geeks like Anime?

uberfunk: why didn't I get my geek membership card?
look: dude, you failed the Amiga portion of the test. Don't ask us again.
look: <uberfunk> so if I've never used workbench does that mean I don't get a GIANT ROBOT COCK either?

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