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Filthy Flicks

look: they put the good stuff back into movies -- extra sex, violence and nudity
wmf: wait, is this Salon or The Onion?
look: we'll find out if a Chinese newspaper picks up the story
seti: Didn't know it was April Fool's Day already

Root Password to the Constitution

look: think of the _children!_
wmf: hey, they changed it behind my back! it used to be "the war on drugs"
look: apparently many people have sudo access to /dev/liberty

Open Source Initiative OSI - Jobs:Advocacy

look: Reading this page is like a bizzare trip back to 1999.
look: "When did you last see a software development group that didn't have way more than enough work waiting for it?"

LimeWire: A Fresh Look

look: I had chosen "German" as my language during the installation process, and now all of LimeWire was the worst pseudo-German I've ever seen. It's like it was run through Babelfish but the translator accidentally picked the wrong language, then translated it back to English, chose the right language, printed it out, and faxed it to an Indian copyeditor who had a bad day. I think you get the point. Horrified, I looked for the configuration file an



Minnesota Judge rules against Qwest on secret deals

look: naughty Qwest
kherr: The ruling says Qwest violated federal law 25 times with 12 secret deals to favor certain telephone competitors over others.

Do you want to know how RIAA.org was hacked?

kherr: Idiot webmonkey at RIAA left the admin directories unprotected so anyone could modify the site.
wmf: sweet




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