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Ask not for whom the cluephone rings. It rings for thee | "A potato will have a texture, a body, and taste like that of other potatoes, but much more so." -Carl Sagan, Munchie Expert


Sell your vote at the German federal election for 10 euro

pretender: Page language: German


Mutiny: \

Church of Euthanasia Videos: I Like to Watch

drue: Do you like to watch?
drue: social commentary on 911


HandyKey, makers of the Twiddler 2

Economist.com | Intellectual property

NBI: Economist: Intellectual Property

Internet Storm Center: OpenSSL Vulnerabilities (2002-09-13)

Loki: Trust me, you want to update your openssl.

Bush to Putin: "Do as I say, not as I do."

winerlog : Dave deflects what he can't take the time to understand

Loki: "Dave's idea of love is fucking everyone else without so much as a reacharound."

CNN.com - Man in terror scare says woman is lying

Loki: Wtf, some laundry-headed dudes making crass jokes is the best we can do for a "terrorist scare"?
Loki: I am disappointed. The men in black should at least be able to blow something up.

Carl Sagan, Pot Smoker

The Art of Intellectual Property

kherr: Another industry (professional photography) being disrupted by technology
kherr: Adapt or die. Are you a lizard or a mammal?



Masturbate For Peace

get your war on

My Dinner with Dave Winer

Future silly teen movie plot


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