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Your Faithful Camel

The Invention of the Smiley (September 1982)

seti: Restored on Sep 10 from some VAX backup tape by Jeff Baird
nym: isn't microsoft research an oxymoron?
nym: ./'d on Thursday September 12 @ 10:31 by timothy


New patent reexamination rules (esp. 3rd party appeals)

GabeW: Further explanation at bottom -> http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?r107:3:./temp/~r107SEy65Z::


nym: rough rss example of my image blog, with burtonator's images

example of how i want xslt to transform a rss feed with blog items and image blog items

nym: this example only shows the 1st rss item from a feed and the 1st 5 image blog items
nym: although you could use a different XSL to render it where the images were blended

Fla. county finds unreported votes

kherr: "Miami-Dade election officials have been finding large numbers of votes that had apparently not been properly downloaded from the computerized voting machines..."

Offline RSS Aggregator for PDAs


look: chump needs an archive
look: support archive for chump in 2002!

Anthony R. Taylor, good friend & artist- RIP

nym: his bio is here > http://mutaytor.com/cast/antny/index.html
nym: much love man
nym: his personal bio with illustration > http://performanceart.net/personal/art/roque_torres.html




coderman: I dont know why, but I find this quite amusing.
coderman: Perhaps because this is the equivalent of "Hey you! put your shirt on!" being sent as national news...




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