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NY Lottery picks 9 - 1 - 1 on sept 11th


Loki: Not entirely work safe.


Leibniz' perceptual monads

Loki: Nothing even remotely related to programming.


Florida -still- can't get an election right.

Loki: Nobody mention that this is the second election in a row that a Democrat, nearly sure to win, has been defeated amid shaky practices and technical errors.
Loki: Also nobody mention that Jeb Bush is still the governor.
uberfunk: also, skip the part where its noted democratic counties were affected by the errors
uberfunk: and don't read the bit about polling places told to stay open two extra hours by jeb bush refusing his order and yelling profanities at would be voters
kherr: Florida is the banana republic of the US.

The Recording Industry is Trying to Kill the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg

look: the bricklin article was good
look: if nothing else, for linking to his article "Copy Protection Robs the Future"

It's OK: the fat lady can't sing - the music industry versus the net.

kherr: Article lays out how the disruptiveness of file sharing will eventually win out over RIAA's out-of-date business model

The maildir format and safe delivery algorithm

wmf: I don't understand why mail readers are responsible for removing links from tmp/
AaronSw: Who else is going to? What if the system crashes between link() and unlink()?
wmf: just use rename()

GPS and real-time tracking of trucks doing wtc cleanup saves big bucks

GabeW: Also monitored trucks doors and whether loads were disconnected from tractors to eliminate theft

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java



You go, Buzz!

coderman: That is funny.


Xirzon: \"This page will be permanently removed on October 31, 2002 and the Opencola soft drink formula will not be made available beyond that date"
Xirzon: \"Opencola has since changed its strategic direction and is now focusing its core business on developing a proprietary distributed content search application."
Xirzon: \Maybe they should rename themselves to ProprietaryNonCola


coderman: words fail me. I would pay money to hear these people describe their jobs. "Hi, I grow penises in labratory vats"

If hackers ruled the world

seti: What if hackers ruled the world?

COPSwatch - Teaching you your rights through Fox's COPS

nym: Really good transcripts


coderman: Lungs to produce drugs for patients. no prescription required.
coderman: Could someone tailor this to provide me a constant drip of THC and methlyenedioxymethamphetamine?


coderman: I hope it is worth more that it looks


coderman: man, it will be great to couple lots of wifi hotspot users with each other for transfer of large data over wifi peer networks (with more bandwidth anyway) than over the internet.
coderman: hyrbid wifi/internet peer networks make Mutiny horny!



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