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Geneva convention relevant to the definition and treatment of Prisoners of War.

Loki: See article 4. Seems those who say the prisoners at Camp X-Ray aren't PoWs are smoking crack.

Frelling sign!

Bob the Angry Flower's guide to apostrophes.




The thinking behind Hollywood's Death Star

kherr: All about how Hollywood wants to target and destroy "peer-to-peer thieves"
kherr: Chilling quote: "...fighting crime often requires reducing the privacy rights of innocents."
Loki: Quote possibly misattributed to Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft.

warren ellis speaks clever

Loki: In other news, water is wet and the sky is fucking blue.
nym: warren ellis is quite famous from transmetropolitan, not the blog
nym: transmetropolitan is a nano-age comic that's really good (i've upgraded from quite good)


nym: Treasure hunting with GPS

The official ninja webpage

Multicast DNS

GabeW: Also part of zeroconf...
deltab: "a joint effort by participants of the IETF Zero Configuration Networking (ZEROCONF) and DNS Extensions (DNSEXT) working groups"
deltab: allows use of DNS without a conventional server

Zeroconf working group page

Apple-proposed service discovery mechanisms based on DNS

XHTML Media Types

The Inquirer: Microsoft admits Windows is insecure

NEWS.com.au | Swedish call for all-day porn

Scotty Zaccharine #2

Burning Man 2002 Photo

wmf: excuse me, I think you got sand in my stapler
kherr: That's just so wrong
look: Burning Man -- where you can go to work naked!


coder log: The whole picture


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