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George Carlin is our hero || ...does the modem love listening to the irby noises? || be careful where you type || next person to slander me in topic gets a MegaWedgie (tm) || SOCK ATTACK!


coderman: It lives! mwahaha




Freenet OSX Launcher Screenshot

wmf: looks good


coderman: The coolest looking galaxy I have ever seen
jillzilla: This galaxy should be Miss North Carolina.
coderman: Yes, it should be, but i've got some NUDE PHOTOS OF IT! mwahaha
jillzilla: D'ohh!

The End of RSS Innocence

coderman: One day I will grok RSS, RDF, and XML|XSLT|DOM. That day is not today

The Interstate driving HOWTO

coderman: ehehehe

jerkcity #1436 -- [sexy lamp post]



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